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Erno Laslo White Marble Dual Phase Vitamin C Facial Peel 2Pc. Set
Erno Laslo

Erno Laslo White Marble Dual Phase Vitamin C Facial Peel 2Pc. Set

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What it is: A two-step clarifying peel powered by super-nutrient vitamin C that gently polishes skin as it fades dark spots and discoloration.

What it does: This system leaves your complexion feeling instantly new, with a smooth, even tone and illuminated glow. Protective antioxidants and collagen boosters combine to refine and renew skin, while lactic acid gently exfoliates so skin is properly prepped to absorb brightening, hydrating and healing nutrients. Carrot seed oil heals and balances dry or chapped skin while helping to fight age spots and sun damage.

Research results:

In a consumer perception survey of 34 people:

- 100% agreed the product left skin feeling rejuvenated.

- 100% agreed the product gave skin an instant glow.

- 100% agreed the product helped resurface skin.

- 97% agreed the product gently exfoliated skin.

- 94% agreed the product helped reduce the appearance of fine lines.

- 97% liked their skin's luminosity after use.

- 100% would include the product in their weekly skin care ritual.

How to use: Smooth the gently exfoliating peel (Step 1) over your face, avoiding your eye areas, and massage gently for up to three minutes. Mix the activator (Step 2) in your hands and massage onto your face over the peel. After one minute, rinse well with warm water. Use weekly as part of your ritual.

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